Voice Solutions (hardwired stations or Phone in systems) 4-ports to 24-ports systems available. Contact for prices

Dictate from any telephone or cellphone, supports all DAC telephone dictate stations, Dss files from any digital portables can be imported, PcDictate II fully integrates with server user profiles, User profiles allow custom settings, greetings, exporting, and more for each user, Upload dictation to the server via your web browser from any computer, Passwords prevent unauthorized dictation, Telephone users can be prompted to enter a worktype, department, typist, subject/patient number, & two additional custom fields.

Transcribe from any computer over the internet, VPN, or LAN with iNet 3, Transcribe over a phone line with a DA-116, User profiles allow custom settings & greetings for each user, Passwords prevent unauthorized transcription, Security restrictions allow granular control over file access & features, Export files to paths configured server-side for outside transcription